The new 1:1 fake IWC Ingenieur Automatic 40

The case, dial and hands
The case is designed to bear close resemblance to the original Ingenieur SL created by Gérald Genta in the 1970s. The cheap replica IWC Ingenieur was first introduced in 1955, and in the 1970s Günter Blümlein had Genta do a re-design and created the SL collection.

This collection bore the Genta DNA, with the signature exposed screws on the dial, in this case 5 screws secure the round bezel to the case. The sides of the bezel are chamfered and polished, while the top carries a circular graining. The Genta design also called for an integrated bracelet, which is very nicely returns to the new high quality replica IWC Ingenieur collection.
The case dimensions are also close to the original SL. The lug to lug distance of 45.7mm retains the proportions of the SL which has excellent ergonomics and wearability. The top copy IWC’s case is now lightly curved on the case back to better fit the wrist and the new bracelet retains the three link arrangement. Aesthetically the new bracelet looks more modern, but we think the older bracelets are more nuanced in the detailing, especially the middle link which is more prominent feels more 3 dimensional.

The dial is particularly attractive with the grid structure, made up of raised and depressed line sections to create the textured surface. The lines are offset 90 degrees to each other and is stamped on a soft iron core before it is galvanised to this rather brilliant green hue which perfect fake IWC calls aqua.

The indentations could have been made by a guilloché machine, but we understand that the traditional rose engine is designed to engrave into brass, silver or gold, which are softer materials than the iron used for the high end copy IWC Ingenieur dial. Iron is selected as the dial is part of the encapsulation of the soft-iron core.
Overall, the impression of the new Ingenieur 40 is very positive. We had the original SL on hand for comparisons, though for some reason were requested by luxury replica IWC not to show both the new and old side by side.
Concluding thoughts
The Swiss made replica IWC Ingenieur Automatic 40 is a very handsome watch. The aesthetics are just right. The right amount of ruggedness and testosterone injected into the right amount of finesse and elegance.

We think it is a great super clone watch as an entry level candidate, to be considered with the competitors in a similar pricing. Yes, we do egret that the entry bar has risen to these levels these days, but the general field represented by the Laureato, the Alpine Eagle, the Streamliner and the Antarctique all fall within the same ball park. With the Overseas and Royal Oak punching in at even higher levels.